North American Youth Congress 2021 Information

Where is NAYC 2021?

What are the dates of NAYC 2021?

What is the NAYC Schedule?

Who are the Speakers for NAYC 2021?

Is there an age limit for NAYC?


COVID Housing Cancellation Policy

Will NAYC21 be a safe event?

2021 NAYC Exhibitor Information

Can I have a Vendor Booth at NAYC?

Hotel Reservations

NAYC 2021 Hotel Information

What is the per-night hotel rate range for NAYC?

How do I request a hotel exemption?


When will registration for NAYC open?

How much is NAYC registration?

When registering my group for NAYC, do I need to submit a name for each person I'm registering?

After I register when do I receive my registration packet?

If I pre-registered, do I need to arrive in time for the 12:00 p.m. registration on Wednesday?

Will the doors be open to the general public during the evening services?

When will I receive my NAYC Notebook?

Do I have to sit in the level I purchase?

Is entry time for the stadium based on your registration level?

What happens if someone in my group loses their registration badge?

How late will the information booth be open on Wednesday?

Do I have to register my child?

What is the "Saving Seats" Policy?

How do I get my registrations if I registered online and I am from outside of the US and Canada?

Cancellation Policy

What if I register for NAYC but need to cancel?

How do I transfer my NAYC registration?

Special Events

When do tickets for Afterburner and other special events go on sale?

How much are Afterburner tickets for Friday night?

Are Afterburner tickets refundable?

When will I receive my Afterburner tickets?

Afterburner Parking

Afterburner Wristband Colors

Hyphen Late Night

Is there an age limit for this event?

What should I wear?

Can I walk to this event?

What time can I arrive?

What time do I have to leave?

Is there an elevator?

What will be available to eat?

What is there to do?

What games are available?

Is there a separate space for leaders?

Parking Information

Parking Information

Bus Parking

Bus Drop-off / Pick-up Information


Hearing-impaired & Handicapped Seating

Will there be an interpreter for the hearing-impaired?

Will our group be able to sit in the hearing-impaired section?

Will there be handicapped seating?

Are strollers allowed in the stadium?

How can I purchase the NAYC services?

NAYC Media

NAYC CDs, DVDs, and Flash Drive

Will Dropcards contain the praise and worship songs?

Will the services be available to purchase in another format?

Can I download the Dropcard to my mobile device?

Missing Dropcard files or other download issues?

Will Dropcards contain the praise and worship songs?

Will the praise and worship songs be available to purchase in another format?

NAYC Vendor Booth Space

Are vendor booth spaces available during NAYC?




PROMOTIONS - How can I help promote NAYC?

Stroller Information

NAYC History

When and where has NAYC been held in the past?